Sustainability, ecology and preservation of the environment are the missives of Goodplastic, a company that provides packaging solutions, distribution of cleaning and hygiene articles, personal protective equipment and distribution of paper consumables.

Founded in 2015, Goodplastic operates throughout the national territory and in different sectors, namely, in the public, agricultural, industrial, food and services sectors.

Based on innovation, we are pioneers in the search for sustainable solutions, since the protection of the environment is the basis of our business activity. As a company we are responsible for the ecology of our planet and for offering a wide range of solutions to our customers.

As a company, we always emphasize the relationship we establish with our customers and business partners. For Goodplastic, our customers are our heritage, so, before presenting the most varied solutions on the market, we ensure your well-being and the trust you place in us.

The transparency of our activity is the trust that customers place in our company, and we as a business entity ensure that we maintain a good relationship, always seeking the success of all.
We are a reflection of our work and the trust of our customers and business partners.

Our Mission

Focused on the constant search for ecological and sustainable solutions applicable to our work activity, our purpose is the union between Goodplastic's business activity, the universe of our customers and business partners and the preservation of the environment, always exercising our activity as sustainable agents.

Our Vision

To be a diversified, profitable, ecological and sustainable company that offers its customers and business partners a wide variety of solutions in our area of ​​activity.

Our Values

Social and Environmental Responsibility 

We believe that as a company and as human beings we are agents of social and environmental responsibility. We have a duty to preserve the planet and ensure our quality of life.


We must mentor a more sustainable lifestyle, in whatever activity we engage in.

Ecological, Reusable and Recyclable

Produce more with less. This is our motto of activity, so we have an endless search for solutions that allow us to be a reference with an ecological company.

Transparency & Rigor

In our universe, with customers, business partners and as a company, transparency and rigor are always present, as this is the only way we can maintain a good relationship with the various entities we work with.


Responding to the needs of our customers and business partners.
implies that excellence is present in all Goodplastic's activity.


When we have the objective of preserving the planet and the environment we have
to always keep innovation in mind, because it is through the latest solutions
present in the business market that we always have the missive of


We have a code of ethics based on humanism and responsibility
social, human and environmental that we instill in our employees and transpose
for our customers and business partners.